The Beauty Blogazon Weekly Round-Up for June 30, 2012

Mama Fashionista- In the on going quest to perfect her skin care routine, Mama Fashionista discovered a match made in heaven: LUSH’s Angels on Bare Skin and the Clarisonic Mia!

My Newest Addiction Beauty Blog- Laura reviewed and swatched the Romantic Eye Shadow Collection from Too Faced.

Ishah x Beauty-What’s on Ishah x Beauty’s menu? A Glitter Sandwich! Lovely layers of shimmer, glitter and flakies.

Lucy’s Stash-Parrot nail art manicure – Scarlet Macaw in the jungle painted with acrylic colours.

Liquor, Lube and Lipstick- I See Rainbows Everywhere! – Would you go to work with bright eye makeup? I did!

Confessions of a Sarcastic Mom- Milani browns are in the spotlight.

Adore-a-Polish- A little Colorstay for your day with this Revlon Colorstay Top Coat review.

Captivating Claws- Shows you an amazing green sparkly Zoya gradient

Cosmetics Aficionado -This Minnie Mouse Manicure is not only super cute and super easy, but it is short nail friendly!

Phyrra -Phyrra is in love with the cult product inspired by beauty balm creams, Illamasqua Skin Base!

Dorothy’s Little Wonderland – What I brought with me during my travel adventure.

Beauty Product Review- A shiny face isn’t pretty, check out what makeup product I used to get rid of shiny face!

Tolmu Rull tells all -Have you ever bought anything big and been insanely happy about it? Tolmu Rull’s biggest beauty buy ever comes from Poland and weighs 12,5 kgs!

Shades of Beauty, Inc.- Klout Perk…Essie Mojito Madness

Emily Hudspeth, hair design and makeup artist – BB Cream. I found my favorite one and I want to share!

The Stepford Witch- Who doesn’t love makeup that’s meant to make our beauty routine simpler? Now let’s see if Speed Brow is the right eyebrow product for the job!

The Polished Zombie -No need to call a medic, It’s Just A Flesh Wound.

The Beauty Delicacy – Go Pastelle this Summer.

Beauty by Miss L -Do you want to know what was in this month´s Estonian monthly subscription box called Glambox?

GIVEAWAY: Zoya Tracie and Myrta

I recently did a post on the Zoya Beach & Surf Collection polishes that I own and I am happy to be able to give one lucky winner two of the polishes from the collection: Tracie and Myrta.  Tracie is a beautiful pale grassy green with a silver frost and Myrta is an orange coral with a gold and silver metallic shimmer.

I hope you are as excited about this giveaway as I am!  I just want to say thank you to those of you that have followed me since the beginning and also thank you to those of you that just started following.  I cannot express the way you all make me feel.  I love being able to give back to you guys and was recently approached with a wonderful giveaway opportunity!  

Thanks to Verve 360 Pittsburgh hair salons for providing the wonder Zoya polishes!  When the winner is chosen I will e-mail you and get your address information so that they can mail you the prize.  US only.

Thank you all!



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Sneak Peek: QVC New Beauty Test Tube for August 2012

Hello!  I found the next New Beauty magazine at my local grocer this morning and I wanted to show you the contents of the next Test Tube, like I usually do!  Sarah Jessica Parker is on the cover of this issue.  She is looking fabulous as always.

But on to the goodies!  This Test Tube has 8 products in it… a few look full sized, but most look like a deluxe sample size.

It will include:
Ojon Damage Reverse Conditioner
Looks like its a deluxe sample size,  2 oz. is what is shown on the bottle.
Mally High Shine Liquid Lip Color
Appears to be full sized.
Philosophy Love Sweet Love 3 in 1
Deluxe sample, 1 oz. is what is on this bottle.

Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer
Deluxe sample, 0.5 oz is what is shown.

Laura Geller Waterproof Eye Spackle
Hard to tell but this appears to be full-sized.
Josie Maran 100% Argan Oil
Unsure the size of this item, it appears to be a deluxe sample size though.  
Algenist Firming Cream
Another product that doesn’t show the size on the product.  My best guess is that this is a deluxe sample.
Bliss Lemon + Sage Body Butter
The product shown in the picture has 1.7 fl oz.

This QVC New Beauty Test Tube is set to air on August 25.  Those of you that are already set up on auto-delivery can get yours well ahead of that, I can confirm that mine will be shipped on August 6th.  
What are you most excited about trying?


Scherer Chameleon in Heat

I wanted to share with you a polish that I have had for months (maybe a year) and never worn.  Scherer Chameleon polish in Heat was a gift from a friend and although it is pretty I never reached for it.  I was organizing my polishes the other day and when I stumbled across it, I decided I needed to change my mani anyway.  :)

First things first:  Scherer Chameleon polishes are duo chromes that shift as you move your hand or enter different light.  
I had no idea what to expect of this polish but quickly made up my mind about it.  First off, it applied easily and dried super fast… the super fast drying part isn’t necessarily a good thing.  Because of its pearly duo-chome finish I noticed that I could see every brush stroke, and it dried before I could “correct” it.  

It applies pretty sheer, so multiple coats were necessary.  The need for multiple coats actually helped correct the appearance of the brush strokes.  After 3 coats of polish it became mostly opaque.  I don’t know if you can see in these pictures but I can faintly make out the white tips of my natural nail through the polish.  

You can see a huge difference in the shade of this polish with a flash vs. without a flash.  It shifts from a hot pinky coral to a metallic orange.  This aspect of the polish I actually enjoy A LOT.  It seemingly feels like I am wearing a different nail polish every time I look down. 
The reason I took the picture of me holding the MAC Heatherette compact is because when I have the polish up against a pink color it reallllly shifts the shade into a more hot pink look.  Well… that and I love the compact.  haha
My overall opinion on this polish is that it is good but not great.  It needs underwear… which is a nail polish junkie’s slang word for an opaque base in a similar color.  I believe that if I had proper underwear for this color then I may like it more.  I do enjoy the idea of the super quick drying formula but the brush strokes being easily visible really sort of ruined my experience with the polish itself.  I give it 3 out of 5 stars.
Have you ever tried any Scherer Chameleon polishes?  They are available at Rite Aid (which I don’t have anywhere near me… booo) and they retail for around $4.

Too Faced Romantic Eye Shadow Collection Review and Swatches

I know the Too Faced Romantic Eye palette isn’t exactly new, but I have been reaching for it a lot lately and realized that I never reviewed it! 

Better late than never, right? 
I got this palette not long after it was first released, and at the time Too Faced decided to do a redesign on the packaging of their Eye Shadow Collection palettes.  Before the release of this palette they were thicker due to a drawer that housed a brush (that people don’t really use anyway).  Not only was that extra drawer a waste, but it seems important/popular to have a full arsenal of items in a palette that doesn’t take up a lot of room.
This is a small tangent here, briefly off the subject (kinda)…  I laugh almost every time I read or watch an eyeshadow palette review because most of the time the reviewer is saying that it is “good for travel” etc…  When I first started hearing this a bit I was thinking, “Wow, these people travel a lot, that is nice…”  and then after going into a YouTube binge one night and watching about 15 palette reviews in a row I started getting down on myself.  I was thinking, “I must be some sort of loser… I almost never travel.”  Once I realized that they probably don’t travel as much as it seems I was fine again, but really… It is highly important to tell you if something is good for travel.  Typically I do mention if a palette is travel friendly, but I question if I would even think about adding that to my review if I didn’t hear it over and over.  I digress, back to the matter at hand. 
The packaging is a nice cardboard material that has a hidden magnetic closure.  Though the package may seem like it would pop open all the time, the magnet that holds it shut is strong and it is perfectly secure.  I have never had one of these palettes open up unless I actually opened it myself.

One of the design features of these types of palettes from Too Faced is that they are set up in trios and come with an instructional card to use in conjunction with each trio, or row.  This may not seem necessary to those  who frequently use single eyeshadows and have a natural knack for putting a look together, but this type of system reminds me of when I was a young teen and had no idea what I was doing.  I loved seeing a drugstore palette that had a diagram or had instruction words engraved on them such as “Lid”, “Crease”, or “Brow”.  It was a way to teach yourself something and not having that shameful feeling in front of friends because you didn’t ALREADY know those things.  
The instructional cards are clear and simple to decipher: not only is there text to walk you through it, but they include a picture that is numbered in correlation to the written step.

Here are all of the eyeshadows swatched (in their proper trios).  
L to R:
Soulmates, I Do, Un-Veil, Kiss The Bride, Cut the Cake, First Dance, Bouquet Toss, Honeymoon, Ever After

The first trio is a nice basic everyday set.  
Soulmates is a pretty shimmery cream.  I Do is a nice matte lavender gray.  Un-Veil is a matte sooty brown-charcoal.

L to R: Soulmates, I Do, Un-Veil
This set is more purple toned but still very nice a wearable for daytime.  Can be easily transitioned into a fun nighttime look as well.
Kiss the Bride is a matte baby pink.  Cut the Cake is a gorgeous shimmery lavender-purple.  First Dance is a matte eggplant purple.

L to R: Kiss the Bride, Cut the Cake, First Dance
Bouquet Toss is a silky matte cream.  Honeymoon is a shimmery gold with a slight hint of green.  Ever After is a shimmery bronzed brown.
L to R: Bouquet Toss, Honeymoon, Ever After
Overall I really enjoy this palette.  I am a fan of neutral eyeshadows and there is just enough color in the palette to satiate the idea of branching out a little bit.  I think that anyone would enjoy this palette no matter your preference on colors (neutral or colorful).  The names are cute and playful, as usual.  I would also like to mention that the palette leans cool-toned but there are hints of warmth in a few of the eyeshadows.  I love the fact that there are equal amounts of shimmers and mattes.  
Lastly I want to comment on the texture of these eyeshadows.  The mattes are silky smooth and the shimmers are soft and velvety.  They all blend together flawlessly.  I have not a single complaint from any of shades in this palette.  Great job Too Faced!

The palette retails for $36.  You can purchase this palette at and any other location that sells Too Faced Cosmetics.

Do you own any of the Too Faced Eye Shadow Collection palettes?  If so, which one is your favorite?

Bumble & Bumble Color Minded

I am a big Bumble & Bumble fan and when I heard they were coming out with a collection geared toward color treated hair, called Color Minded, I instantly became interested.  I don’t dye my hair different colors but I do color my hair every few months to cover kill gray hairs. 

First things first: the Shampoo.  It is a sulfate free shampoo; it is mild and less damaging/drying (more hydrating) than most other shampoos I have tried recently.  It is supposed to minimize fading effects that are typical from cleansing the hair.  The scent is really uplifting and wonderful.  Overall my hair looks silky and healthy after using it.  

Another product that is in the line is the UV Protective Polish.  This is a product that is a “finisher” for your hair routine.  It seals, adds shine, and protects from heat and color fading.  This reminds me so much of Chi Silk Infusion.  The one tiny bottle that I owned of that stuff carried me through for over a year.  I love B&B Color Minded polish, the teeniest amount is all you need.  I don’t really notice a scent with it but it really does illuminate and pull out the hair color.

My favorite of the 3 products I own from the collection is the UV Protective Styling Balm.  The back of the bottle reads “A nourishing balm for natural movement, control and lustre.  Work through damn hair, roots to ends.  Style (or don’t).”  
I replaced my long running hair treatment/leave in conditioner, It’s A 10.  I have been using It’s A 10 for a little over 3 years now religiously and I like the B&B Color Minded balm just as much–if not more.  I may do a post in the next few days or weeks battling the two out… would you want to see/read that?  I also would like to mention that this smells the same as the shampoo, just slightly more faint.  

Do you own any Bumble & Bumble products?  If so, what is your favorite?  Have you tried anything from the Color Minded line?  



*The products mentioned were sent from Klout.

Zoya Kimber

It is a particularly miserable rainy hazy day and I decided to polish my nails with the most upbeat color in the Beach & Surf collection: Kimber.  I mentioned before that it reminds me of Jem and the Holograms (my all time favorite cartoon EVER) because it matches the haircolor of it’s namesake.  
Anyway, due to the rain the first picture is a bit hazy so I took a couple more to try to represent it as true as possible.  

The picture above is with a flash.  It shows the hot pink/fuchsia tones to the polish.  It also has a gold shimmer to it but it isn’t really picking up too well.  The picture below is without flash and it looks similar but I feel it shows how the color leans a bit red.


Manic(ure) Monday: Pink Parka Peonies

Hello my lovely ladies!  I ditched my ring finger Water Marble because I was just irritated everytime I looked at it and I replaced it with a solid coat of Hot Pink. 

All over the nail I have Essie True Love in 2 coats.  I then taped off the tips and painted on Sally Hansen White On.  I then went BACK over all of that with another coat of True Love.  I used a dotting tool and made the center of the flower with OPI Do You Lilac It? and dotted the petals on with Essie Pink Parka.  I applied 2 coats of Pink Parka to the ring finger.  

What is your mani today?  French, solid color of something muted, bright or dark?  Something wild and crazy?  Let me know!  ;)

Ramble: My Weekend in Photos

Hello everyone!  I took a lot of photos this weekend.  It rained a lot so I didn’t go outside much and when I did I documented that too!  haha  My family and I were really low key this weekend which was nice.  I enjoy being able to just hang out every once in a while.  

Saturday we (my husband, my son and myself) went to Subway for lunch and while we were there my son announced that his top front tooth had come loose.  :)  It was funny when he said that because I had JUST noticed that he had a small gap that wasn’t there before.  A mama always knows.  Anyway, for the next 4 hours he kept talking about his tooth like he was the first little boy to ever lose a tooth before (even though he has already lost both front bottom two).  I told him “Please… leave it alone or pull it out.”  Thinking he MIGHT just hush and move onto something else…  
I went to go to the kitchen to finish up making Spinach Artichoke Dip because we were settling in to watch some movies and nom on goodies and my son comes in the kitchen holding his tooth! LMAO!!!!  He amazes me soooo much sometimes.  I know he is just a little boy but he is just so much more mature than I was at his age.  He takes everything with stride… even though what I said to him was possibly a little rude/stern he just took it like a kid 4 times his age and yanked that tooth right out.  Below is the proof!  :)

So anyway, the night goes on and we eat and the tooth fairy visited my son.  He ran into my room this morning shouting “LOOK MOMMY, I HAVE MONEY!!!”  So naturally I made him something special for breakfast.  What is special to a 6 year old?  Cinnamon rolls… 

So after breakfast was done and I was lazy in a few different rooms I finally got up and cleaned the house.  I was being really productive and then I made my way to the area that houses my “extra cosmetics crap”.  My nail polish addiction has recently thrown my polish stash into overdrive… I need some sort of way to organize them and I just don’t know what to do.  I need a nice cabinet that closes… What I really want is an Alex drawer from IKEA.  Or a couple Helmers…  Anyway… So I tossed all my nail polish on the bed and was thinking of a way to sort them out but instead I finally got the ballz to try a Water Marble design.  I asked on Instagram what colors to give it a go with…

I then chose the polishes and set forth trying to get them to work…  My house was freeezing cold and the temperature of the water and the polishes seemed to be too cold so I sat them out on the back patio to “thaw” for a while.  

The polishes I chose to use were Sally Hansen White On, OPI Fly, OPI Done Out In Deco, Julep Hayden, and Essie Pink Parka.  
Before they were ready/thawed it was time to get ready to go to the movies.  My husband and I had both read Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and we were both excited to see the movie.  I was getting ready thinking that I would have time to do a quick mani before leaving the house but that wasn’t the case.  

So instead of leaving the nails completely Nakey I applied a couple coats of Essie True Love and was out the door.  I also took a photo of the pedi I created last night.  It is Chanel Delight and Essie A Cut Above.  I did a mani a few weeks or so back with the exact polishes and I have been wanting to use the combo again so I thought it perfect to do the pedi… here is the post for the mani. Sorry if you are one of those people that don’t like feet.  I don’t like seeing feet on the internet either but I really felt it necessary to show you my pedi. T_T  I sowwy!
Also… not the cute A$$ shoes!  I found these babies at Target and they were quite affordable.  The stones are sort of irridescent and shine all different colors, from yellow to pink to blue.  I sort of want to go back and see if there are anymore colors.

Anyway… so after we got home this evening I set forth on doing my Water Marble mani and I sort of flopped.  In my defense it was my FIRST attempt to ever try to do anything like this.  And also… I was struggling soooo hard with doing it that I decided to just do “french tips” on the rest of the nails because I was about to scream.  Also I used some little metal nail art studs on some of the areas on the mani that were particularly ugly! LOLOLOL

The picture below is me holding the Essie True Love polish that I mentioned earlier.  When I do white tips on my nails I use this as my all over color and then the Sally Hansen White on and some scotch tape to do the tips.  Anyway, I wasn’t happy with the Water Marble that I had created so I ended up taking it off and you will see what I actually did on Manic(ure) Monday!  :)

Soo…. I may as well include my FOTD.  I will walk you through it in steps. 
1. Philosphy The Color of Grace Heavenly Light Pink Illuminator as applied as a base.
2. Lancome Teint Idole Fresh Wear for foundation.  It is almost gone and I am trying to get an empty.
3. Laura Geller Balance n Brighten in Fair to set foundation.
4. Tarte Park Avenue Princess as an all over sheer bronzer.
5. Tarte Exposed Amazonian Clay Blush applyed on cheeks.
6. Sephora + Pantone Universe Apricot Brandy blush applied to the apples of the cheeks.
7. Laura Mercier Eye Basics in Linen to prime the eyes.
8. Fill in brows using Revlon Brow Fantasy.
9. Chanel 37 Sable – Emouvant duo.  I applied the lighter shade from lash line to brow and smudged the darker shade into the lash line and then winged it out in the outer-v and brought it into my crease.
10. Milani Liquif-Eye in 05 Brown as liner (both in waterline and on top lash line).  I set the liner with the dark shade in the Chanel duo.  
11. Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill mascara to finish off my look.  

Here is my extreme bitch-face shot.  I have no idea why I look pissed off 99% of the time but oh well… I am really not.  In the words of Juno “She just looks like that.”  For the lips (which I didn’t include above) I just added on a balm.

Here is a good shot of the eye makeup.  Even though I used the Milani liner in brown it appeared super dark and basically black.  It lasted through the entire movie and dinner afterwards.  I may or may not review this later but as first opinions go I really enjoy it. 

So anyway… I was looking through my Instagram feed because I am jealous of all those lucky enough to attend IMATS in LA.  I particularly enjoyed seeing all the Sigma Beauty Instagram photos from various bloggers, fans and Sigma themselves.  All weekend I have been wondering what this palette was and just sat confused because I knew they didn’t have this on the site as of yet.  But tonight they finally said that this was a brow palette and I for one am pretty excited about that.  You all know I am a crazy Anastasia Beverly Hills fan and have done several posts on the brand before but here is my review on the Anastasia Beauty Express palette.  It looks very similar with additional items included.  I am curious of the pricing.  

Anyway… before I settled in to watch True Blood I did a Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque.  This is my go-to get my face back in order mask.  I love it.  I love the way it feels on the skin, I love that I can see my oils getting sucked into it when it is drying.  Everything about it makes me comfortable.  If you haven’t tried this, what are you waiting for?

So there you have it… Another extremely long, extremely picture heavy posts.  Thank you for reading (if you made it this far through).  I hope you had a fabulosu weekend as well.  What did you do?  Anything fun, like IMATS?  Or did you just kick it around the house as well?  Tell me in the comments below.