Top 10 Spring Blushes

I am so excited to bring you my favorite Spring blushes…. Since we are already in May and going into the Summer I also find that these are very good for transitioning…. Hell…. looking at them I would consider them fantastic for the summer as well.  These are the blushes I wore the most this past Spring though.  I don’t foresee there being any change going into the Summer months.

I tried to include higher end and lower end brands… and everything in between respectively.

And there are some Limited Edition shades that I included but you can find dupes (or you may still be able to find the same one at your stores)…

Soo jumping right into it…
This blush is my most recent blush purchase but it was definitely needed in my collection.  I love that this is a cool pink-possibly the only cool toned pink I own.  It looks as though it is a baby pink but it is actually decently bright and more deep than a baby pink.  It is subtle but not… perfection in a blush if you ask me.  And of course, the scent of roses.  I catch myself breathing more deeply while applying Chanel blushes.  :)

Sephora + Pantone Blush Duo (Coral and Desert Flower)
This sort of shade is me through and through.  These have always been shades that I have gravitated to for years.  Yes, it is the color of the year but I suppose it is the color of my life.  I adore the versatility in the duo as well.  You can have matte or shimmery.  You can even mix the shades and come up with something that is perfect for someone that prefers either.  I honestly feel that this shade suits most skin tones.  I have a neutral skin tone and perhaps that is why I have always gravitated towards something like this.  I actually tend to stay in a medium with cool and warm tones in all of my preferences in makeup.  

Sleek Santorini
This blush is an exception to my personal “rules”.  I tend to stay to a more neutral/natural palette of shades but this one is a screaming loud bright fuschia pink.  It is also matte which is hard to find in a shade such as this-perhaps why I am drawn to it.  It is the perfect pop to a plain face.  :)

This is a blush in which much of my love has been given.  I have had this blush for a long time and even though it looks barely touched, I assure you that I have worn it more times than I care to note.  It is one that I do tend to layer.  I love using Luster as a base for my whole cheek and then popping something beautiful and bright right in the center or on the apple.  It gives it a more natural gradient.  Luster is a good one for layering with many other colors.  

I do believe this shade has been discontinued but I have seen it recently in some drugstores.  I adore this shade out of the 4 in the Mineral Blush line.  It is a beautiful coral pink shade and is perfectly pigmented.  I wore this shade a lot in the winter and it really transitioned nicely into Spring.  Now that Summer is fast approaching I don’t think that I will be reaching for it much because I do tend to reach for a big punch of color in the cheek department and this blush, though it is a hue that is good for Summer, is slightly more muted than I prefer.

Where do I begin with this wonderful gem?  I love this on the lips but it is even better during the summer months on the cheeks.  I do tend to have my makeup melt off more in warmer months and this is a perfectly perfect cream/gel tint.  I like to wear little to no foundation during the Spring and Summer and this really stains the skin perfectly and doesn’t fade on me like a powder does.  This will be a staple for me in the following months. 

This is the blush that changed my world.  :)  Dramatic?  Yes, but I don’t know what it is about this blush that has my senses in a tissy.  I love the shade, the formula, the wear, nothing has let me down about this blush.  I find myself reaching for it above all others since I purchased it.  This is my only Rouge Bunny Rouge blush and I don’t think it will be the case for long.

This is one of the blushes that I like to layer as well.  Only difference between this and Luster is that this is the shade that is my focal point.  Where Luster lies in the background Lotus Pink is in the center/forefront of whatever gradient I am creating.  It is such a flattering, beautiful shade.  You can absolutely wear it all by itself but with a beautiful shade like Lotus Pink why not let it build off of other great blushes?

This was one of my first high end blush colors to ever own.   I seriously love this shade of pink with hints of peach.  I am not a fan or Orgasm by NARS.  Didn’t flatter me at all but Deep Throat, it’s more sophisticated subdued family member really works for me.  The name choices for the brand are a lot to be desired but I do really like every other aspect of the line.

As soon as this baby hit the shelf, Laura was there buying it up.  I had another shade of this as well but I found athat I enjoyed this one way more than the other–probably because there is a total trend rolling with the blushes that I purchase.  They are all different but very very similar.  They all tend to follow that uber-thin line of coral-peach-pink.  This blush is one that can rival higher end brands hands down.  Great quality and I find that I am happier that I own it.  ;)

L to R: BECCA Watermelon Beach Tint, Physicians Formula Happy Booster in Natural, Milani Mai Tai, Sleek Santorini, NARS Deep Throat, NARS Luster, Laura Mercier Lotus Pink, Rouge Bunny Rouge, Sephora + Pantone Coral, Sephora + Pantone Desert Rose, Sephora + Pantone Coral and Desert Rose mixed, Chanel Tumulte

Outside; no flash.

Same order on these swatches

Indoor; flash.

And I had to leave my hand in the indoor swatches because I was soo utterly entranced by the nail polish.  :))))  I am LOOOOVING the Layla Hologram Effects polishes.  This one is 04 Ultra Violet.  Isn’t it gorgeous.  The previous post was done with my iPhone but here is a fantastic shot (impromptu) I got of it.  It was of course taken indoors with flash.  I am amazed at how nice it actually looks.  YAY!  

Soooo…. What were the blushes that you loved the most these past few months and what blushes are you possibly transitioning to this Summer?  I find all my Spring and Summer blushes to typically be the same.  And to be completely honest….. I tend to wear these a lot in the winter too.  I am not one to follow “seasonal makeup” rules.  I feel like I can pull off any color any time of year.  I just like to wear brighter colors on my cheeks when I have a darker skin tone.  
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  • Betzy’s Makeup

    They all are great shades

  • MaviDeniz

    I love that sephora blush the most out of all the shades. That nail polish is amazing. I haven’t been able to find any hologram ones around here


  • Retrodiva

    Love, love, love the NARS! They always look so overwhelming in the pan but blend out beautifully.

  • Spontaneous Beauty

    Love the colors!