Julep American Beauty May 2012

Hello lovelies!! I recently received my latest box from Julep. Every month that I have received this monthly subscription box I have switched to a different line. The first month was “Boho Glam”, the second month was “It Girl”, and this month I chose “American Beauty”.

“American Beauty” for May 2012 came with magnetic polish called Kylie. Julep describes Kylie as a”sultry violet magnetic polish. It’s gorgeous without the magnetic affect, or use the included magnet to create dark accent stripes in whatever direction you choose.” I will agree that the color itself is pretty without the magnetic twist but WITH the it is amazing. When I shift my nail in the light it appears that the stripes are moving. It’s really unbelievable.  Here is what it looked like on the nail in the picture below.  Please excuse the uncleanliness.  I was super excited to try this out because if it being magnetic.  
The other polish in the box was called Ellie. It is described as an “opalescent seashell pink with holographic shimmer.” it really is gorgeous. It reminds me of mother of pearl. This is a look that I have always adored on my nails.
The box also came with some pedicure essentials such as a foot file and The Best Pedi Prep Ever. The instructions on the back of the pedi product say “Therapeutic AHAs + no-mess roll-on = Parlor quality results at home. Apply to callused areas and let penetrate for 2 to 4 minutes, file rough spots with the Julep foot file, rinse thoroughly. Follow with The Best Pedi Creme Ever!” I have not yet tried these items so I cannot comment on their performance.
I have thoroughly enjoyed the Julep Maven subscription service. It has been fulfilling month after month. I enjoy that I get a chance to choose which box I want and skip one month all-together if I choose. It allows the consumer to truly control the money try are spending each month. They can see what is coming before receiving it. It’s like taking 0% chance.  They have a code that you can use to get your first box for just one cent in the month of May!  That is right, the code is SHAREONMAY
Also I would like to add that I purchased their Cinco de Mayo Mystery Box yesterday. Their Mystery boxes retail for $60 but they usually give a discount code through their social media accounts to discount the box down to $19.99. This is more of a gamble but you are guaranteed to get $60-$200 worth or products. All the mystery boxes that get sent out have different products in them.  The discount code for this month’s box is CINCO.  The code expires on the 7th of May.  I can’t wait to see what will be in mine. You can bet that I’ll be showing the contents of that box as well.
Thanks for stopping by to see what I have to say. If you have tried Julep before, what is your favorite color?  If you haven’t, what are you waiting on? ;)
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  • Beauty on a College budget

    I almost got this box, but I ended up skipping. The only colors that really wowed me was the magnetic polish the others are eh for me.

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/11274153782478267645 Laura MyNewestAddiction

      The magnetic polish is really nice. I am quite surprised at how much I enjoy it!

  • Southern Gorgeous

    That magnetic polish is too fun! I’m enjoying my Bombshell colors but the American Beauty strikes my fancy too!

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/11274153782478267645 Laura MyNewestAddiction

      Some months it is hard to decide which box to get! I agree!

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/17203899757128581331 Betzy’s Glam Page

    I just got my order for a 1

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/11274153782478267645 Laura MyNewestAddiction

      Yippeee! I love that they let you try for basically free!