Chanel Summer 2012

I was strolling through the mall on my lunch break days ago (more like escaping reality intentionally to buy a pick me up) and I made a visit to the Chanel counter to check out the Limited Edition goodies. Truth be told I was really at the mall to pick up the Geurlain Pucci balls, but the store hadn’t gotten them in yet.

Anyway, the only thing that I had interest in checking out were the bronzers but after seeing them I had no interest. The eyeshadow duo (37 Sable-Emouvant) seems completely boring but the pigmentation is completely out of this world. I felt the need to get them. Couldn’t leave them behind.
I also picked up my very first Chanel nail polish. I got the one called Delight. I adore it. It is really shiny and pretty and called me very seductively.
Anyway, what was it that interests you most out of the Chanel Summer 2012 collection??? Let me know in the comments below!

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  • Replica

    We don’t get it out here in the UK till the end of May but I’ll definitely be snapping up that eye duo, looks like a classic :)

    • Laura MyNewestAddiction

      Definitely a classic! It has such a nice pigmentation to it as well! Add the polish is really a gorgeous gold!

  • ~ Claire ~

    I am interested in those bronzers but haven’t seen them in person yet and holiday + delight, maybe calypso gloss. I feel a bit meh about this collection, Guerlain is by far my favourite summer collection this year. I am just in love with every product <3

    • Laura MyNewestAddiction

      I was gung-ho going to buy a bronzer but the sales lady sort of pushed me a little too much with them and honestly…. the one I wanted wouldn’t have even shown up on my skin. I passed.

  • voodoogirl

    I want the Island nail polish! :)