Review: Shiseido Facial Cotton

One staple product in my skincare routine is a cotton pad.  I use them for sooo many things.  Removing makeup, applying astringent/toner, even removing nail polish.  I usually get the bags of cheap ones at my local drugstore or Ulta but this time I wanted to try the Shiseido Facial Cotton.  I got mine on  They are priced at $10 on that site ($.50 higher than usual) but I used a 20% off code that they gave me after a previous purchase to bring the price down to $8.  There are 100 cotton pads in this package which is a around the typical quantity in most cotton pad packages. 
Why pay double or even triple for the Shiseido cotton pads vs the regular drugstore ones?  Well… take a look at the picture below!  The Shiseido Facial Cottons are sooo thick and fluffy.  Yes the material is the same with the cheaper cotton pads but construction is completely different.
Many times when I am applying astringent during my cleansing routine the cheaper cotton pads break down and leave peices of cotton on my face.  The Shiseido Facial Cotton is very durable and doesn’t disintegrate when applying these products.  I was actually able to remove all of the makeup on one eye and then turn it over and remove the other eye’s makeup as well!  That is pretty downright amazing!  
I have even cut them in half because a whole one just isn’t necessary.  If I were to cut every cotton pad in half that would make 200 individual pads so the money would equal out to drugstore prices for something quite exquisite.  

My Newest Addiction Rating: ♥ I love these and I am sure that just about anyone can appreciate the fine quality.  They are thick, soft and decadent.  They perform above what I expected.  I have absolutely no complaints. 
Thanks for having a look.  Have you used Shiseido Facial Cotton before?  What form of cotton pads do you use? 

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  • Hunter87

    Great review =)
    I need to give this a try because you are so correct the drugstore leave stuff on your face.
    Thank you for sharing.

    • LauraJean396

      :) Try them and tell me about how you feel about them!

  • BlushingNoir

    A friend of mine ordered these and I couldn’t understand why cotton wouldn’t work the same, but your review is great! I’ll have to check them out!

    • LauraJean396

      THanks! Glad I could entice you! <3

  • adthenshesmiled

    I just bought some of these from Sephora and they are so much better than the drugstore ones! It holds together so amazingly and I cut them in half too bc one is just too big

    • LauraJean396

      Exactly… they go so far!

  • MarciaF

    I add these to my Sephora order whenever I don’t have enough for free shipping. I also use DHC Cotton Squares. I like them for different jobs.

    • LauraJean396

      LOL YES! :)

  • This passenger’s element

    Yup, adding these to my next beauty order….Thanks for showcasing these LJ

    • LauraJean396

      No problem. They are the perfect price point to add on to get free shipping with Sephora orders :D

  • Tracy D

    I haven’t but have always been curious. I am going to give them a try, thanks!

    • LauraJean396

      YAY! You will love!

  • Prime Beauty

    I love these–so soft!

    • LauraJean396

      They are phenomenal!

  • Jessica

    ohh must try

    • LauraJean396

      Report back :D