Makeup at the Oscars 2012

I have been chatting on a makeup forum this evening and stumbled upon these pictures… They are jaw dropping for one or more reasons… I will discuss them as I go through them.  
These closeups are definitely showing that celebrities are people too and totally not as perfect as we see them in magazines, well.. some are! :)
Stacy Keibler
She is just amazing.  Not only is she naturally beautiful, but she has great skin and her makeup lets that shine through.  She isn’t overly done up and her dress was gorgeous.  She looked like an Oscar trophy so George surely won! ;)
Rooney Mara
She has some of the most striking features I have ever seen.  Her makeup is simple and classic and I can’t even find a pore! 

Mila Jovovich
She is a SIREN with that bold red lip!  She always looks great though! :)

Sandra Bullock
She always looks great.  Her makeup is spot on here and just WOW!  She makes a straight simple pony tail look amazing!!  She is also wearing taupe eye shadow!  AMAZING!

Shailene Woodley
She is gorgeous.  I know little to nothing about her but wow… Her lashes and lips give me goosebumps!

Penelope Cruz
She is such a classic beauty and her lashes are to-die-for.  Those can’t be hers and I really would love to know what the name of these falsies are! :)
Natalie Portman
She is such a pretty girl and I adore the lipstick she is wearing.  

Cameron Diaz
Her pale blue eyes and light blonde hair always look so striking together.  Her dress was amazing and so is her makeup.  She is starting to show her age but I think she is still an absolute stunner!

Tina Fey 
Her Carolina Herrera dress looked amazing and to be quite honest I thought she looked stunning.  I was shocked to see this close up of her because it just doesn’t look like what I saw on television.  And on another note I had no idea that she had a scar on her face… and then I asked and someone said she was attacked as a child by a mugger with a knife.  How horrifying?

Angelina Jolie
I am not usually a huge Angelina fan but my goodness she looks great.  Her skin is amazing and the makeup combination that she is donning is just… wow…. Love the lashes as well.

Jennifer Lopez
I think that she is a gorgeous woman but I think her makeup artist must have forgotten to blend her eyeshadow.  I don’t think the cut crease was executed that well.  Her lip is beautiful though!

Thank you for having a look.  Hope you enjoyed this post!  Who was your favorite celebrity of the night?  Was it the dress or the makeup that captivated you?

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  • Charlotte Pahline

    Wow, I’ve got to admit as a non-Angie fan myself I’m surprised to say that her makeup is my favorite with Cameron Diaz as a close second…how perfect is that liner!? I’d love to see you re-create these two looks for some DIY tips!

    • LauraJean396

      :) Thank you Charlotte! I will attempt that! :) Which one did you want tips on first?

  • Kayleigh

    Mila and Natalie look so stunning. I also want to know what lipstick Angie is wearing so bad!

  • Ashii

    great post, so much makeup inspirations! Trying to think of my fave from these pics… ange looks great, rooney looks flawless, shailene looks cute…. i cant choose lol