SAG Awards 2012: Kaley Cuoco

My favorite look of the night was from Haley Cuoco who stars in Big Bang Theory.  Her makeup looks amazing.  It is absolutely stunning.  

I am not so big a fan of the dress and the makeup together.  The eye makeup, from what I can see, appears to be warm browns or jewel tones where her dress is a funky bright pastel.  Who wore your favorite look from the SAG awards?

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  • Victoria

    I love the lippie she is wearing! I kind of like the dress but it is just too much going on at once

  • Leticia

    I loved everything about her look. I want that dress!

  • sugarpuffish

    She’s very beautiful and I like her make up & her dress especially the colour

  • TheKaykre

    Her makeup is so gorgeous! I’m not a fan of that dress though..

  • GlitterLette

    I think she’s gorgeous..the dress,not so much…btw, it’s Kaley, not Hayley :)

  • LauraJean396

    OOPS >_<