Milani Minerals Blush

I was strolling through my local CVS recently because I had some ExtraBucks I needed to use (they expired the day I was in the store) and stopped and took notice of the beautiful Milani blushes.  The prices weren’t marked so I went to the kiosk and scanned them and WOW!  They rang up to be $1.75.  I had $8 worth of ExtraBucks so my heart skipped a beat.  :)  I hurriedly scanned several items and got lots of discounted Milani.  I picked up all of the blushes except the orange one.  I just received an orange blush from the beautiful Mira (Sleek Aruba which is d/c) so I didn’t feel the need to get another one!  
If you are interested in picking these up, please don’t get discouraged that they aren’t marked sale.  Go check the price.  Not everything is on sale but there are lots of things that are.
Here are the swatches in natural daylight.  
Sweet Rose didn’t really make me stand up and pay attention in the pan but I can see that this will REALLLLY work with my coloring well.  It is a nice cool toned pink.  It is matte and blends very smooth.
Mai Tai is GORGEOUS.  I think that it is my favorite one.  It is matte like Sweet Rose and has the same texture.  It is spectacular.  Below I have swatched it with a very surprising dupe.  *HUGE GRIN*
Luminous seems to be one of the more popular blushes from this line but it seems to be less pigmented than the others.  It is said to be a dupe to NARS Orgasm.  I no longer own Orgasm but it does appear very similar.  This one has shimmer and I am not quite sure this one is as pretty or unique as the others.  

Here are the same swatches indoors with a flash.

Here is the special dupe swatch that I promised from above.  Milani Mai Tai and Rouge Bunny Rouge Orpheline.  Wow right?  I bought one blush for over $30 and the other for less than $2.  
When I was swatching and playing around with the Milani blushes it just hit me all at once…  Mai Tai is sooo close to Orpheline that I could not resist putting these comparisons up.  This is the picture taken in natural daylight.

Here are the blushes pictured indoors with flash.

The swatches will show you just how similar these are.  WOW.  Mai Tai is slightly more peachy/orange but honestly very similar.  And I would like to mention that the texture isn’t terribly different either.  The Rouge Bunny Rouge is a more creamy feeling powder where the Milani feels a bit silkier.

These are the same swatches taken indoors with a flash.  These are more true to color.  This really shows how similar they are.

I am in love with these Milani blushes.  To be able to compare one of them to a Rouge Bunny Rouge blush without batting an eye should say so much.  RUN TO YOUR LOCAL CVS AND SNATCH THESE UP ASAP! *Do note that if you are allergic or react to the ingredient Mica, that these do contain Mica and I would be careful!*
Funny extra.  
I was finishing up taking these pictures and I sat my camera (on the tripod and all) down on my kitchen counter and it snapped this picture.  You can kind of see that my kitchen is filled with makeup/nail polish and package boxes. I am glad that all of the items sitting out on the counter aren’t showing.  lol  Who does that?  Food is supposed to be on counter tops, not a ton of makeup. :)

Thanks for stopping by and taking a minute to see what I am talking about this go round.  If you have any review requests or questions just let me know.  :)  Have you tried Milani Minerals blushes?

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  • Nancy

    I love Sweet Rose! It is such a pretty color~
    Haha, nice! Although I don’t have makeup in my kitchen, I always have a bunch of scattered makeup all over my desk where I am supposed to study and do homework.

  • Project Swatch

    I love Milani! I heard about the CVS sale, and I went specifically to look for blush, but my CVS was sold out. I was so sad.

  • Victoria

    Now I regret not going to CVS earlier! I have wanted mai tai for a while and seeing your swatch only makes me want it so much more! I don’t think I have a shade similar to that *tries to justify* Btw I love your kitchen! :)

  • Tracy D

    I haven’t yet but I want to, it’s not so easy to find in’s on my ‘next time I’m in the US list’ though!

  • Hunter87

    Great Haul!!

  • MissBrittanyBoo

    I’ve never tried Milani blushes. I’ve checked them out before, but never actually purchased. Since the CVS clearance sale, swatches of Sweet Rose have been popping up everywhere. And being the blush hoarder that I am, I NEED IT!

  • BlushingNoir

    LMAO my counter is littered with boxes and wrapping and product while I’m photographing! You make me feel not so alone ;)
    I love Mai Tai too, btw!

  • Jeimy777

    I love those colors! Very pretty.