Sunday Night Ramble

The holidays are upon us!  That means sales, sales, sales.  Not only do all the toy stores and clothing stores have sales, but the cosmetics industry has major sales going on.  I am trying to be good and only spend for others but these sales are making it hard.  I have been bad and purchased myself a few things so far but I only did so because I am not celebrating Christmas with my husband this year.  He is deployed until the spring and wont be here for the holidays.  I decided to splurge a bit and buy myself some Christmas gifts I have been wanting for some time.  
This is my tree, it isn’t leaning as much as it looks like it is in this photo.  It is actually fairly straight and only leaning a smidge.  My son loves colored lights!  I am imagining all the goodies that I bought myself under the tree.  They haven’t yet arrived on my doorstep so technically it is the same thing.  Some of the packages I should be receiving are from other countries so there is a good probability that they wont be here until right before Christmas.  Anyway… I am going to share with you the things I bought. 
Sephora sent out their Beauty Insider and Very Important Beauty gift cards that they do every year.  Of course mine hasn’t come yet (my email is broken and not getting things in the mail seems to be my luck!) but a friend of mine gave me her gift card because she doesn’t live in the U.S. and there is no way for her to use it.  It was a $20 card so I placed an order for the following:
Hourglass Femme Rouge in Fresco.
The lovely Mira gave me my lemming for Fresco.  It is described as a rosy nude and let’s just face it.  The bullet of the lipstick is just oh so sexy with its hourglass emblem on it.  Kinda looks like a little corset!  

Make Up For Ever Smoky Lash.
This is a mascara that I have been curious about for a couple of years.  I have never actually decided to pick it up before but I figured what the hell?  I had a gift card and I love mascara!  End. Of. Story.
I used the code FromSephora to pick up a bag of samples in an adorable Hello Kitty cosmetics bag.  I also got 3 of the samples you chose with every order.
I have been wanting to make my first Rouge Bunny Rouge purchase for a long time now.  I was pushed over the edge with the mascara that Kate sent and I recently received a lovely Sea of Nectar liquid highlighter (review pending) as a gift from a friend.  When I was building up my Rouge Bunny Rouge inner-hype and about to place my first order I got an email telling me that there was a 20% off sale on this entire weekend!!  What perfect timing, right?  Anyway!  I bought a few things!  Let me tell you which!
I got 3 RBR eyeshadows.  Abyssinian Catbird, Angelic Cockatiels, and Delicate Hummingbird.  
I also got one of the Loose Glitter Pigment Fire Drops in Caress of Mink.  
I am quite pleased with myself and the taupyness that shall be mine! :)  I am chomping at the bit to have these in my possession!!!  *squeals*
Last but not least, I saw some curlers on a blog last night.  I have really been into curling my hair a lot lately.  It has gotten really long and I am also trying not to damage it too much with so many hot tools.  These heatless curlers seemed like something that is right up my alley.  In a feverish rush I paid the small amount of a little over $4 on ebay.  If these are something that you are interested, ebay search the word “leverag”!    

I hope you enjoyed this post of things to come!  Sometimes I want to share things with  my readers before I ever receive them.  If you would like, you can find me on YouTubeTwitterFacebook.  If you don’t already, follow me here.  Thank you for all of your support!

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  • Charisse

    I’ve been curious about MUFE Smoky Lash too, I’m excited to know what you think.

    And oh god the RBR haul! I know just how you feel!

  • Hunter87

    Nice Xmas list i too got my sephora gift card and just placed my order as well.
    please let us know how u like that Make Up For Ever Smoky Lash Mascara.
    Im a new follower also in twitter.

  • Dovey

    Looks like lots of goodies are coming soon :)

    Your christmas tree is so bright and festive!

  • Rainy Days and Lattes

    So much makeup exclusives come out during the holidays too! :p It’s hard to keep from buying makeup!

  • The Driveller Kate

    I’m chomping at the bit to see those RBRs on you :D

  • Tiffany @ Life as a Southern girl

    Your Christmas tree looks amazing!
    I got the hello kitty bag with my latest order to use as a stocking stuffer for my Daughter, she’ll love it.

  • LauraJean396

    I am very excited to get and try all my stuff :D Let’s hope it all comes fast! :)

  • Ashley

    I love your Christmas tree. Very pretty :)

  • LauraJean396

    Thanks :)