imPRESS Press-On Manicure

I am a LOVER of the look of fake nails but I despise the damage it entails.  My fingers are short and fat.  The Only way to make them look longer and leaner is to add length to my nails.  My natural nails are thin and brittle and I have used every nail strengthener in the world to improve them and nothing works.  Thanks to these easy to use, easy to apply press-on nails I don’t even feel the need to worry about it.  
I am all about the ease of press on nails.  You don’t have to plan out 30-45 minutes to do them yourself or go to a salon.  You take the nails, peel off the sticker part and apply.  1, 2, 3, done!  They also shine like you do have that glossy topcoat on!  I will admit that these are not my typical french or one color nail but it is fun to be different!  These imPRESS nails come in 36 colors and patterns and I think there is something to suit everyone’s needs.  

I had no problem with the amount of time these stayed on.  I am a super busy working mom and they lasted a couple days (with touch ups–but that is why you get more than one set work of nails in each pack!)
The price point for these are $5.99 for solid colors and $7.99 for patterns.  At that price you can afford to switch it up pretty often! :)
My Newest Addiction Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ (5 out of 5)  I like these, they look as though you spent the money to go get a salon manicure and at a fraction of the price!  
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  • Nora Schu

    These look awesome!

    You should look up natural remedies to strengthen weak nails since everything out there doesn’t work!

  • Hunter87

    I think I want to give this a try for Xmas.
    Thank you for the review.

  • PolaBerry

    I love how fake nails look, but hate the damage they do. These look so pretty! I need to try some

  • Krystle

    I just LOVE the pattern on these!!!! Pink anything is my fave and honestly, they don’t look that fake! :)