Purple Gradient Nail

Hello everyone!  I have gotten a few questions about what has been on my nails in the past couple of videos.  It is the nail trio from my Makeup Mail blogpost!  They were formulated to create gradient nails!  I looove the look of a gradient nail!  I have a pink trio as well from Etude House!  
Anyway!  Hope that answers your questions!  Thank you for all your interest! :D

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Makeup Tips for People with Fair Skin

People with fair skin have to be careful about the color makeup that they wear. If you go too light you can get a washed out look. If you go to dark you can look like a Goth like vampire. However if you choose the right colors you can look like a bombshell and really stand out. Here are some easy to follow tips.
makeup tips for people with fair skin
Foundation- When selecting foundation be sure to match the makeup color to the skin tone of your jawline. Don’t match your wrist or hand because the skin tones often do vary and you want the most natural look possible. This being said, be sure that the foundation color blends in with your skin tone and don’t go darker than you really are or you’ll end up looking unnatural.
Concealer- If you need a touch of concealer for your under eye area try one that is two shades lighter than your skin tone and has a yellow base so that you can match the colors evenly.
Blush- There’s nothing like a touch of blush on fair skin. Try a soft pink or apricot blush to bring out your cheeks but stay away from the bolder colors because they will stand out too much and will make you look clown like.  Bronzers should be skipped altogether because it won’t look natural on you.
Eye Shadow- Pastel colors such as lilac, soft grey, light green, powder blue and light brown will really bring out your eyes. However if you have blue eyes you should skip the blue because it your eyes will look inverted and odd. Use a grey or brown smokey eye palette to dress up your look.
Eye Liner- If you like to use dark colored eye makeup the best way to do it is by using dark colored eye liner. Navy, chocolate brown, forest green and black will look amazing next to a light shadow and will really bring out your eyes.
Mascara- Take a cue from Christina Aguilera and fatten up those lashes. Brown mascara is very subtle but black mascara that stands out against fair skin can stop traffic.
Lipstick And Lip Gloss- You should opt for a bright lip color such as coral, apricot or red for a sultry look that can go from day to night. Stay away from brown because it won’t do anything for you.
Using these tips you’re sure to get a look that will make you stand out. Good luck and keep feeling beautiful.
This post was written by Aleya who writes the blog for LI Beauty School which is a beauty school college and Hair Design Institute which is a hair and makeup school with locations throughout New York and Florida.

Holiday Dragon FOTD

Hello my lovelies!  I was in an experimental mood today and I decided to play around with holiday party makeup ideas.  I knew I wanted to wear Dragon at some point this holiday season so I tried to pair it with a bold eye.  I just wasn’t sure what I wanted to do…
Another thing I knew I wanted to wear sometime this holiday season was MAC Patina.  I think it is such a gorgeous color and the gold patina in it really reminds me of Christmas for some reason.  It looks sort of rustic-y and when I think of Christmas I think of rustic scenery: chopped wood, pinecones dusted in snow, and HELLO, can we say tree (as in the thing that is in our house all month with presents under it)?  Don’t ask me how but MAC’s Patina just reminds me of all that… and its golden tones remind me of beautiful ribbons… I digress… enough with my thought process behind Patina for holiday parties! lol
After I had the look thrown together something was missing so I added some falsies that I had been wanting to wear for months and never thought of a good reason… Well… this is as good of a reason as any.  I was very happy with how well the entire look pulled together after I placed those on my lash line…

The lashes I used were some that I got in a set with the Michael Kors Very Hollywood perfume from the CCO earlier this year.  As soon as I saw them I KNEW they were dupes for the MAC #7 lashes.  They are both Estee Lauder brands so they probably are the same thing.  I am happy to say that they are very nice.  

You know how I love Instagram! haha
If you are curious about the products used for this FOTD here they are completely broken down for you.  
Oilatum moisturizer
BRTC Gold Caviar BB cream
Garnier tinted roller ball under eyes
Maybelline Instant Age Rewind
It Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores
Bourjois Chocolate Bronzer in 51
Kanebo Media RD-1 blush
Urban Decay Deslick sprayed all over
Urban Decay Primer Potion
MAC Groundwork PP
MAC Patina
MAC Handwritten
MAC Nylon for inner corner highlight
Anastasia Brow Kit and Highlight
Chanel Mirifique as liner
Mally Starlight liner in Midnight on the inner rim
Rouge Bunny Rouge Endless Miracles Swift Length Mascara
Lashes are some falsies from a set that I got when I bought the Michael Kors Very Hollywood perfume from the CCO!
Chanel Dragon
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Makeup Mail

Hello lovelies!  I told you I would be posting more often!  I have gotten some mail recently (one of the packages came today)!  I have gotten quite a few swap packages and gifts in the past couple weeks!  Most I have torn open and used and they are all mixed up in my regular stash!  A couple of the packages were from fellow bloggers so I kept their packages in tact as much as possible so I could eventually do a post!  
First package that I am showing is the one I got today!  The lovely Driveller Kate sent me a package and I am soooo excited!  She sneakily figured out that I wanted a specific blush and she knows I have a thing for mascara! :D  Everything else is just sheer genius!  She picked out some perfect things for me and I am in awe!  
The blush is a Kanebo Media blush in RD-1.  I am sure you will see it in a FOTD very very soon!  If you would like to see the entire line swatched Kate has a terrific post on them!  The Chanel is a Rouge Allure Extrait De Gloss in 58 Emoi! *squealllzzz*  It is GORGEOUS!  That will be in an upcoming FOTD as well!
She also got me a beautiful nail trio!  I love the look of a gradient nails and these little trios are fabulous for creating them!  I may try it later today!  She also sent a Rouge Bunny Rouge Endless Miracles Swift Length Mascara.  Gosh I love mascara! :)

Lots of fantastic samples!  All of which are brands that I am greatly interested!  

This Lunasol Water Cream Foundation sampler is exciting!  This is enough to figure out if I really do like it!  

And of COURSE she sent me a face mask!  I LOVE them as you know and This looks awesome!  It is my first one that hooks on the ears!  (And secretly I love that it is by the brand Sexy Look!  It says “Yes! I want to be sexy!” and I do too! haha)
My next package is from Charisse over at Gorgeous Skin!  She knew I wanted the Bourjois Chocolate bronzer in shade #51 and the Oilatum cream that the lovely Nic from Pixiwoo made famous!  And LOOOTS of samples!  I love that everyone knows my obsessions!  

Go on over to these beautiful ladies’ blogs!  They are amazing and do some of the best swatches and reviews!  

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Chanel Rouge Allure Laque in 75 Dragon

Hello everyone!  I am so excited that I finally got around to getting a Chanel lip product.  Not only is it my first lip product from the brand but its the infamous #75 Dragon Rouge Allure Laque!  Unfortunately it is being discontinued (along with all the other Rouge Allue Laques) but I did manage to get the very last tube at my local counter.  When I was at the counter, the sales associate said that she was confused about them discontinuing the line when they just released 2 brand new shades for the latest collection.  
This is the box that the Laque comes in!  The box is shiny and I had a terrible time trying to capture the words  on the box without a blurring effect or a flash taking over the shiny box.

I absolutely LOVE the look of the tube itself.  Sleek, black, glossy.  Sophistication.  

The top has a gold emblem on it.  LOL Sorry you can see the reflection of the Georgia flag.  It was the only picture I took that actually caught the emblem! :D
Swatch of Dragon outside with no flash.

Swatch inside with flash.
As you can see, Dragon is a blood red that looks deep but when the light catches, it can be bright as well.  I feel like this is a red that will look good on many people (if not everyone)!  Of course there will be the random person that claim this doesn’t look good on them but they are probably just insecure about wearing reds in general!  That was me about a year ago and now bold lips are one of my favorite things to do…
I hope that you enjoyed this post.  If it is something that you are interested in I would RUN (or get in your car, hop on a bus, whatever!) to your local Chanel counter and purchase it immediately!  You won’t regret it! Such a fabulous, bold, and beautiful color!
Price: $32 (U.S.)
My Newest Addiction Rating: <3 <3 <3 <3 < (4.5 out of 5)  It is very gorgeous but quite messy!  You can ruin your lip line easily if you aren’t careful.  Once it goes outside of where you want it to go it will stain the skin.  That isn’t necessarily bad, you just have to be very precise in application!
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Mirifique Candy Apple FOTD

Hello ladies, today was a dressier day at work so I wanted to go with something that was more on the classic side.  I also was dying to wear the Mirifique Illusion d’Ombre to work! ;)  I was in a rush when I was taking these pictures and the settings were a little different than I normally have them, so if you don’t like them I am sorry…  It is pretty true to life.  
These shots would have been soooo much more pretty if there would have been a flash, but it was a beautiful day out and I was trying to use natural light from my window.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Sea of Nectar mixed with MUFE Mat Velvet +
Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer
Laura Geller Balance n Brighten
NARS Luster
NARS Smudgeproof Eye Base
Josie Maran My Favorite Powders palette
Chanel Mirifique Id’O
Mally Volumizing Mascara
Revlon Candy Apple
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Chanel Illusion D’Ombre Long Wear Luminous Eyeshadow

Hello you amazing people!  Thank you for sticking around with me through my little absence…  I was terribly busy.  Started a new job, my husband was getting ready to deploy, and just getting used to my son being in elementary school.  Anyway…. finally posting so thanks to those of you that are sticking with me.  
So…. garrrble warble blarble…. (That is for you Mira!)  
The Illusion d’Ombres that I own are Mirifique, Epatant, and Illusoire.  (That is the order they are in in the picture below.)  They are the most gorgeous ones in my opinion! I am slowly falling in love and will more than likely buy them all before too long; they are super creamy but stay on forever!  *Perfection*
I use Mirifique as a liner.  It looks like black diamonds on your lash line!  Totally stunning and classically beautiful!  Epatant is a beautiful silvery green, and Illusoire is a beautiful taupy purple (these are also the ones I was able to arrange a swap for)!  Both of those can be worn as all over eye color or to accent any look.
As you can see in the swatches below, they are all very metallic and totally stunning!  I am so happy that I gave these a try!  Before you know it I will own the rest in the line! :D
I hope you are all having a beautiful day and I will be choosing the winner of my giveaway very soon!
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Price:  $36 (U.S.)
My Newest Addiction Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ (5 out of 5)  They keep their promises, these eyeshadows are everything they claim to be!  Way go to Chanel!

OPI Warm and Fozzie

Hello beautiful people! I am doing another post from my phone today. Hope it is ok!! :)

This is a polish from the OPI Muppets collection. I had to have it as soon as I saw it. Got lucky enough to get the last one in my Ulta.

It is micro-fine glitter/shimmers in a brown jelly base. The glitters are golden brown with a flash of fuchsia. It is also highly reflective. I was in a restaurant that had lime green walls at lunch today and there were flashes of green in it too. It is a gorgeous color. Unfortunately my iPhone pics don’t capture it’s complexity but I assure you that it is special.

Nude Style FOTD

Hey everyone. I have been extremely busy over the last two weeks and haven’t had much free time. I took pictures with my iPhone today and decided to use the Blogger iPhone app to post them. :)

I am using the Sleek Nude palette and MAC Style blush. My lipstick is Essence Creamy Nude. Hope you like it and if you have any questions whatsoever feel free to leave them in the comments below. My posts will become more frequent very soon.