Awesomesauce Package

This is probably my favorite package I have ever received.  It holds in it the one item that I have lusted after for 2 years.  O_O The lovely Mira sent this! I frikken love her!!!
See the pretty Hello Kitty sticker on it! So much awesome!!

One of our mutual loves is food and candy! :)  She shared some love…

You may like some of the pictures in this post.  I found some of them hilarious with their little gifts in the corners of the shots.  I edited them less than I normally do because I literally laughed out loud at some of them!  The next one has a gnarly looking spider in the top left corner! :D  My son got some fake spiders and randomly leaves them all over the house to scare us.  Anyway, I digress…
Bronze Universel is finally in my possession!  It is perfect.  Yeah, some people thing it is orange but I looves it!

Bourjois foundation samples! :D WAHOOOOO! I can’t wait to try those bad boys!  What I find hilarious about this picture is that my little pumpkin snuck his feet into this picture! LOL And our Mimi hates feet!  I had to leave it in there!

Boots 17 Mardi Gras is suuuuuch a gorgeous eyeshadow.  First of all it is a taupe, second it has a fantastic texture.  Really a great eyeshadow!  Since Target has some of the Boots line in the store I hope they decide to stock these eyeshadows as well! 

Thanks to the gorgeous Lisa Eldridge, I have been totally interested in this Rimmel Colour Mousse 8Hr in Sassy.  Such a great liquidy consistency.  What is even better is that it actually lasts a long time.  It is such a good product! Lisa Eldridge is a genius!
Swatches of the awesome taupes.  The first one is inside with no flash and the second is with a flash!

Look at the awesomesauce Mickey paper she wrapped some stuff in! *squealllllz* 
I hope you loved this post as much as I loved this package!  Also hope you enjoyed some of the hidden little funnies in the corners of some of the photos!  

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  • Dovey

    What a fun package :)

  • Irishenchantment

    awesome package :D

    shel xx

  • LauraJean396

    Thank you!! It is a great package!!

  • chicashops

    is this a package a exchange thing you’re a part of? how cool!