As most of you know– NARS is my most favorite brand!  I always want something but I try to be good.  
They just launched a new website and in honor of that they had a couple 20% off codes for their site.  I saw someone post on a popular makeup forum that they just purchased the 9951 Douceurs de Paris (Pleasures of Paris) palette.  *major CoNfUsEd face*  “But, they sold out of that a long time ago.” I thought to myself.  I stumble onto the NARS site and type the name of it into the search bar.  OMG! HS! WTF! LAKJDKSJFKDHFKIU*Y*(YHIHMD()_!)#M)@*#M)C
There it was!  DUH! In the heat of the moment I threw stuff into my cart and checked out faster than I could talk myself out of it.  WOW! No regrets! Looky Looky!  

9951 Pleasures of Paris
PoP swatches
Dolce Vita lipstick

Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base

This was laying on top of my order.  I love this saying!  So true and inspirational!

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  • productdoctor

    Lovely! I can’t wait to see the looks you create!

  • makeup merriment

    Laura you are a naughty girl putting up photos of all that enticing NARS! I’m not even into NARS and I’m craving that palette! xx

  • BeautyBehaved

    i agree with productdoctor CANT WAIT!

    <3 BB

  • Dovey

    What a great haul! I was looking at that palette too the other day and toying with the idea of getting it =P. The swatches are beautiful.

    I love NARS smudgeproof and Dolce Vita is a classic (that I don’t have yet). Can’t wait to see what you do with all these.

  • Kristen

    That palette is gorgeous and Nars always has the best names for their products. =]

  • Musicalhouses

    Great haul! Can’t wait to see the looks you’ll v creating with the palette!

  • Nat

    Lovely haul! The palette looks beautiful and so do your swatches! Can’t wait to see some of the looks you create with this :) x

  • Maryam Maquillage

    I love nars makeup sooo much, I didn’t even know it made eyeshadow palettes!!!

  • Amanda

    that palette is so gorgeous. i am doing everything i can to not haul nars AGAIN. i just want everything!! lol

  • LauraJean396

    Do it, girl! You deserve it right?

  • Tracy D

    Beautiful palette..Violetta looks much darker on the swatch, love it!

  • bettzy93

    The quad is temptation

  • MissBrittanyBoo

    Nice haul! Lovin’ those NARS swatches… might have to check out this palette :)

  • LauraJean396

    This is my favorite palette so far..and I have some good ones! Get it before they are gone! Not sure if they are going to discontinue them again, but it definitely disappointed me when I missed it the first go round.