As most of you know– NARS is my most favorite brand!  I always want something but I try to be good.  
They just launched a new website and in honor of that they had a couple 20% off codes for their site.  I saw someone post on a popular makeup forum that they just purchased the 9951 Douceurs de Paris (Pleasures of Paris) palette.  *major CoNfUsEd face*  “But, they sold out of that a long time ago.” I thought to myself.  I stumble onto the NARS site and type the name of it into the search bar.  OMG! HS! WTF! LAKJDKSJFKDHFKIU*Y*(YHIHMD()_!)#M)@*#M)C
There it was!  DUH! In the heat of the moment I threw stuff into my cart and checked out faster than I could talk myself out of it.  WOW! No regrets! Looky Looky!  

9951 Pleasures of Paris
PoP swatches
Dolce Vita lipstick

Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base

This was laying on top of my order.  I love this saying!  So true and inspirational!

MAC Haul with Taupe Swatches

I was playing around on the internet the other night when I saw a blogger that helped design part of the Blogger’s Obsession collection post that the whole collection was restocked.  I digitally RAN to the Mac website and added enough in my cart to get free shipping.  I know there was a code to get free shipping, but I needed an excuse to get more. :)
Here is what I got!
Mac Slim Mirror, MAC Hocus Pocus, Shadowy Lady pro pan, MAC Blackberry pro pan, and Vex pro pan.
Before I placed my order I asked as many people as I could if they knew of any dupes to the Hocus Pocus color.  No one really knew of one but people said they thought it was similar to the Starflash color called Smoke & Diamonds.  I was thinking from the swatches I saw online that it reminded me of Smut.  I had to see for myself.  Well… for those of you who were wondering, here are some swatches!

Oh. My. Goodness.  Look at those swatches…  They are so purdy!  Taupes really steal my heart.  But from the looks of it, I am done.  I have too many similar shades. :)  Anywayyyyyyyy!  I digress, as usual, I really think that if Smoke & Diamonds and Smut had a baby it would be called Hocus Pocus.  Such a beauty!  Get it while it is hot ladies!

BECCA Enigma Smoky Eye

Today I decided I was going to attempt a video tutorial.  I got 80% through it and the camera died! *grumpy face*
I charged the battery and finished my makeup and hair.  I popped the battery back into the camera so I could take these pictures for you.  

BECCA Line and Pore Corrector
Collection 2000 concealer in Light
Missha Perfect Cover BB cream in #23
Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel (Bronze Universel)
NARS Laguna
MAC Style
Laura Geller Balance n’ Brighten in Regular
Laura Mercier Eye Basics in Wheat
BECCA Enigma palette
Anastasia Beauty Express Brow Kit
Bare Escentuals retractable liner
Rock & Republic Fatalistic e/s to set waterline
Max Factor 2000 Calorie mascara
A couple individual false lashes on outer half of lashes
Laura Geller Skinny Dip gloss

Missha BB Creams

A couple of weeks ago I stumbled across a deal on–place your first order (any $ amount) and get a free Missha Perfect Cover  BB cream in the #23 shade.  That offer is going on until the end of this month! I started looking around and realized there was a lip brush on the clearance page in which I was interested.  I added it to my bag and started cleaning my house without completing my purchase.  
When I was done cleaning I looked at my iPhone and saw a bunch of new emails.  I sorted through them and there was one from  It said for that weekend only if I were to buy the Missha Signature Real Complete BB cream I would get the Cho Bo Yang and a Perfect Cover in the coordinating color for free.  Sounded like an awesome deal so I added it to my cart.  Here is what I got for the cost of just the Signature Real Complete BB cream and the lip brush! ^_~
(Click the images to enlarge.)
You may see some of these samples in my upcoming giveaway! :)
Such an awesome deal.  I urge anyone and everyone to register on their site for emails because I started getting special deals emailed to me the very same day I signed up.  
I would also like to add that I tried all of them in the (the first 3 shades swatchted) and I honestly like them all.  I have tried quite a few BB creams and there have been a few I didn’t care for, but the Missha line offers great consistency as well as medium to full coverage.  They smell great and they are great on my oily skin.  Even though I mention they are great on my oily skin, it isn’t drying either.  It leaves a satiny, dewy finish.  I tend to still powder over that out of habit, because my sheen always comes through whatever powder I put on.  
They seem grey on my skin, but I promise you they are much less grey than most other BB creams.  The orange toned one (Perfect Cover 31) seems to be throwing them into an overly grey look.  Missha’s range of BB creams seem to be the most skintone colored ones I have tried.  
That being said I give the entire range that I have tried a 4 out of 5 stars!

NARS at the NEX

Where my Navy ladies at?  (or any other military ladies!)  I am a Navy wife and for those of you that don’t know what a NEX is, it is a Navy Exchange.  They sell lots of high end brands of clothing and cosmetics at 20-30% off retail prices.
I was at the Navy Exchange a few weeks back and I was checking out.  At the register they had their new catalog, I grabbed it and instantly flipped to the cosmetics section.  For the first time I saw a NARS section? *ShOcK and AwE*

The lovely Michele took these pictures for me at the NEX at  Naval Station San Diego 32nd St.

My NEX doesn’t have any NARS as of yet, but I am urging you to go to your local NEX!!!!! Check it out and ASK FOR IT! Supply and demand.

NEW: Maybelline Shine Sensational Pop Stick

I was going on a trip to Walgreens the other day and saw the BRAND NEW display for these.  The two I took were the first two that went missing from the display!  I only have one photographed here because the other was for a friend.  I got the color Raspberry Ice!  It is very nice.  I am enjoying it so much.  They are so on trend with what LOTS of the high end brands are doing right now… YSL came out with a gloss style lipstick as well as a few others.
Please excuse that I used this already in this picture!  It was too hard to resist smearing it on! :)

This is what Raspberry Ice looks like on my lips.  It does help that my lips naturally have this shade, so it really only added a slight tint and balmy finish.
I would rate this product 4 out of 5 stars.  Only 4 because I feel like it may have been able to do a little more tint.  I have seen a few people complain about these because they didn’t do anything for them.  I am not going to complain because when I bought it I realized I was buying a see through makeup product.  I like the idea of a lipstick balm though.  And they smell wonderful!
Thanks for reading!

Collective Haul #3

Oops, I did it again.  This is another collective haul.  I am not a person that has ever been into hair, but it seems that I am going through a phase.  Now that I have quit using a straight iron on my hair its growing out and acting and feeling more healthy so I decided I am going to have a little fun with it.  This haul is 2 visits to Ulta and one trip to the CCO!
This is what I got from Ulta in two visits.  The Redken stuff is from one day and everything else is from the recent Friends and Family sale.  
Good looking set of pretties!
I tried Organix shampoo and conditioner when it first came out and it was ok… It was the coconut-something scented one.  I have recently been turned on to oils by a friend in an online beauty community and have gone coo-coo for Moroccan Oil.  I have been seeking out Josie Maran stuff and other forms of the nutty oil.  When I saw this shampoo and conditioner I knew it was coming home with me!  In the words of McLovin “YEAHHH, chicka chicka!”
WOOO HOOO! Argan Oil that actually came from Morocco :) It is really nice! I think it is probably the best one I have tried.  I have 2 Josie Maran Argan Oils (bronzing and regular) and this one kicks their a$$es and steals their twinkies!  Seriously, it is fantastic!
This stuff is amazing… It smells DIVINE!  The Nature’s Rescue line all smells great and is something I am becoming more and more interested in owning.  This Radiant Sea Spray is perfect for my lazy days.  My hair is mostly straight with a slight wavy tendency and while the hair is damp I spritz this baby all over it and it actually amplifies the waviness and looks like awesome!   

Like I said before, I am overly paranoid about heating tools on my hair so I have been really obsessed with heat protectants.  Blown Away is a really nice clear gel like consistency and when I apply it to wet hair it goes on very weightless.  It is like nothing is there.  You wouldn’t think that because it is so thick when you squeeze it out.

Hot Sets!! I have been wanting to try this for so long.  When I curl my hair (which isn’t very often–once a month or so) the curl falls out so fast.  I have a thick head of fine hair and that combination is awful for holding  any style.  I have read countless good reviews on this and watched many YouTube videos on it.  Go get you some! :)

I am on an everlasting hunt for a dry shampoo that actually works.  My hair is prone to oiliness and it would be nice not to HAVE to wash it daily.  Every other day would be sooo much better.
OH EM GEE! I can not explain to you how gorgeous this gel liner is.  It is the Essence London Baby gel liner.  I saw so many raves on this on a popular makeup website and immediately got sucked in.  O_O Moth to a flame!  You say something is taupe and it is amazing and I will damn near knife someone that comes between me and it.  This little baby is great.  I swear…. the swatch I did below was only on my hand for MAYBE 5 minutes before I went in to wash it off.  I washed my hand 5 times and there is still remnants of the gorgeous taupe.  That is fine… I would get taupe tattoos if I found a shade pretty enough!

This swatch is not doing it justice to be fair.  It is soooo dimensional and gorgeous!  Guess how much this gel liner costs?  Go ahead… take a guess… What is it?  OK WELL! This liner costs between $3-$3.50! SHUT UP! YES I SAID IT! Taupe perfection in a pot for cheap.
On to my CCO trip!  This one is a goodie y’all!  If you don’t know what a CCO is, it is a Cosmetics Company Store/Outlet.  You can find them in outlet malls throughout the United States.  I think there are a few in other countries but I am not sure.
Look at my new babies!  *Sigh* They are so pretty and from the CCO they are SOOO affordable!  I bought everything except the 165 in a set.  This set was from a Nordstrom exclusive collection in 2008 called Perfect Style.  The set retailed for $125 and came with a 187, 168, 222, 263, and a case.  It was at my CCO for $87.50!  WOAH! DEAL! SCORE!

If anyone asked me what skincare item is my favorite I would say the Origins Brighter By Nature Skin Tone Correcting Serum.  I can’t explain why I love it so much… but I do.  I never want to be without this stuff.  I have always struggled with my skin and when I started using this product my skin cleared up.  I can’t give this product all the credit because I started a lot of new skincare stuff at the same time.  The 1 oz. serum runs about $40 and I got this whole kit for less than $50.  It includes a full size serum, a 1 oz. Starting Over moisturizer, 1.7 oz. Checks and Balances cleanser (which I have in full size already–this will be in my upcoming giveaway!), and 20 Brighter by Nature High Potency brightening peel with fruit acids pads.  This is a tremendous value!  

Let’s have a closer look at my new babies!  They were all made in Japan, so they are the newer ones.  I want some France ones but wont happen :(  I went to the CCO this visit hoping to find a 225.

This is as soft as rabbit fur.. I don’t know why rabbit fur came to mind, I guess because I associate silky softness with rabbits? *shrugs* 

Love the 187 for applying heavy foundation and highly pigmented blush.  I also sometimes spritz it with Fix + and buff in any powdery looking mess on my face with it.  It is love.

This is my first real 168.  I have had many dupes, 2 from Sigma and several from random brands.  This is superior in quality in every way.  The brush head is much smaller than the Sigma dupes… so essentially they will serve different purposes.  

This is my 2nd MAC 222.  I love this brush.  It is the perfect brush for the outer v and crease work.  I don’t have as much lid space as some and this brush is a necessity.  A lot of people love the 224 for blending but I prefer this for blending.  So happy to have a 2nd one.

HELLO BEAUTIFUL, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?  This brush is sooo much better than any and all of my other eyeliner brushes.  It is soooo thin! I got the best most precise line I have ever gotten today when using it.  I am forever sold on the awesomeness that is the #263.  
That is my whole haul, and first opinions.
What have you hauled lately?

Pandora is Tracking FOTD

Last night I saw one of my all time favorite YouTube gurus do a tutoral using Shadowy Lady.  I was thrilled because I have the quad!  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .   Or do I?  
I did my face and got my base (cream eyeshadow) laid down and then went hunting the quad.  I then got a sick feeling in my stomach because I remembered that I swapped it away.  I had that quad nearly 2 years and never really used it.  >_< Why did I get rid of it, WAHHHHH!  

So, needless to say, I had to come up with something else on the fly and it had to be purple.  It had to be purple because I already laid down the dark purple base.  This is what I came up with:

I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t add Instagram pictures so stop judging me, okay?

And for a bonus, my taupe doggy, Gus.  His name on his papers is Augustus Drake and then my family’s last name.  
Isn’t he gorgeous?  He is a total PITA, but he is my PITA! 
Details on my FOTD:
Keihl’s Ultra Facial Oil-Free Lotion
BECCA Silky Hydrating Primer
Burberry Sheer Foundation Trench No. 05
MAC Stark Naked
Tarte Park Avenue Princess
MAC By Candlelight
It Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores to set everything
Laura Mercier Eye Basics in Wheat
Bobbi Brown Starry Night cream shadow
Coastal Scents Pandora (loose shadow)
MAC Wedge
MAC Smut
MAC Digit
MAC Blacktrack Fluidline
random sample mascaras
MAC Ahoy, There!