The Wonders of Mascara

So lately I have received a lot of comments on my lashes.  Some people ask me if I have naturally nice lashes or if its mascara.  I always tell them it is the mascara but no one seems to believe me.  People think it is my lashes because whatever mascara I was using at the time doesn’t do the same thing for their lashes.  
I will say that mascara is a personal thing.  Depends on your lashes: lash thickness, how they naturally lay, length.  Something I absolutely love may be awful for others and vice versa.  Anyway… in this post I am using Maybelline One by One.  Sorry the quality isn’t awesome, these were taken with my iPhone 4.  

Huge difference, huh?  Anyway… I just wanted to address all of the questions and comments! Hope this helps.  
Thanks for reading!  Have a great day!  

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  • Deia

    wow. That mascara looks great. I should probably try it. I’m a mascara freak. If I could have a million mascaras I would. The fact is I’m looking for perfect lashes but I’m afraid to use fake ones, so I just try out all the mascaras there are. :D :)) That’s insane, I know.

  • Jennifer@TheFeminineDomain

    You have such nice lashes!

  • LauraJean396

    Thank u. I really think it’s tue mascara though!

  • Nat

    I already have a few mascaras on the go at the moment, but will definitely be trying this one when I purchase a new one. Looks great in your pic, really lengthens and thickens well! Love the last photo :)

  • Tracy D

    Wow that mascara did NOT have the same effect on my lashes, that one is a keeper for you!

  • productdoctor

    Impressive results!

  • This passenger’s element

    Gorgeous pix!

  • From Broadway

    wow definitely makes a huge difference! looks great!

  • Musicalhouses

    Wow, Maybelline mascaras generally suck like crap on me, but you’ve almost convinced me to go and get this one! Looks gorgeous on you!

  • LauraJean396

    I hope you try it Musicalhouses! I love it