Picture tag!

1. Go to the fourth folder in your computer Where You store your pictures.(Do not cheat!)
2. Then pick the fourth picture in the folder.
3. Explain the picture.
4. Tag 4 people to do the same.

After I read the rules on this tag I was nervous to find which picture was the one.  There is no telling what kinds of pictures I have stored on this computer.  Lucky it was an old stash folder, so it is makeup related.  
As you can see from the picture it is a pile of palettes, drugstore up to high end.  I now have these palettes stored in various other places.  Ones that are more often used are stored in my Lori Greiner spinning organizer.  And some are still in this very drawer which sits in the bathroom cabinet beneath my sink.  Here is a picture of the organizer. 

Hope you enjoyed my post!  Thanks for reading!

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  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/05536274945702972889 Nat

    Thanks for tagging me! :) I love your spinning organizer, could really do with something similar myself. Can never seem to find these sorts of things in the UK though which is annoying.

  • LauraJean396

    I know. I’ve had quite a few UK people ask me about it. Tue only option is to look on eBay. I got mine off of QVC for $25

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/03837845817504870626 Deia

    you’ve got some awards on my blog. :*

  • LauraJean396

    Oh wow! I am so flattered! I will get on this when I get home from work!!! <3

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