Etude House goodness!!!!

I am sooo stoked! I got my Etude House goodies in the mail today and the smell is soooo intoxicating.  I think it’s the body washes that are taking over the smell of the box though.  The entire package smelled like a freshly washed newborn baby.  My son is going to smell SOOOOOOOOOO good after bathing with those bad boys! :D Snuggle time! 
BUNNEH!!!!  Like my new Bunny Umbrella?

The cutest nail polishes I have EVAR seen! 

My sweet baby boy found the bunneh!

My newest addiction: sheet masks.  I am OBSESSED people!

I have really oily skin and the Baking Powder line is geared towards that.  My skin would not look anywhere near as good as it does if it weren’t for makeup remover wipes.  When it comes to skincare I am pretty darn lazy.  At the end of the day I don’t want to stand in front of a sink and take a facial cleanser and lather up and rinse and make a mess.  I would much rather take a makeup wipe and get it off and then use an astringent to make sure everything is gone.  If a makeup routine is fussy I wont stick to it.  

These little body washes smell EXACTLY like baby powder and soft skin.  it reminds me of when I was really really young.  It makes my whole body feel at ease! LOOOOVE!

Miss Tangerine Brightening Cotton Primer pads smell like oranges.  How fun! :)

Can’t wait to try these lil guys! I will more than likely take pics while I am using them!  Too fun not to share!

I also got some treats from a customer today.  Sweet, sweet lady.  She insisted that I take the gift! 
It is a jar of locally produced honey.  Me and my son both have an allergy to pollen and they say that its the best cure! And I <3 Burts Bees!
Hope you all enjoyed my “haul”!  I love getting packages like these!  If you want to see a review on any of these products just let me know!  Have an awesome day!

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  • ashley.lightblue

    I am so excite you finally got your Etude House package. Everything looks amazing. I am most excited to see and here the results of that Vit C sheet mask. I here such amazing things on Vit C, esp for us oily skin gals! Thanks for sharing.

  • This passenger’s element

    Cant wait til you do reviews on all of these products…especially the primer and the baking powder products….so jelli! :)

  • rocio_rios

    Laura, What are the sheet masks?

  • Janinay

    I’m interested in those face masks. :D