Blog Awards!

I had the honor of receiving some beauty blog awards.  I am flattered and excited all at once.  Deia awarded me these awards and I love her blog just as much.  I am blessed to have her reading my blog.

Name your fav color: Blue
Name your fav song:  Adele – Rolling in the Deep
Name your fav dessert: Pie ;o)
What is pissing you off? Let’s not go there…
When you’re upset, you… get reallllllly quiet.  If you know me, you know that is strange.
Your fav pet: My weimaraner, GUS! :D
Black or White? black
Your biggest fear is…: something bad happening to the people I love.  Not that there will be something bad happening… I am just a worry-er.
Your best feature is…: my eyes.
Everyday attitude: Have a positive outlook on life.  Keep on smiling.  If you aren’t being positive, you are being negative.
What is perfection? An unattainable goal.
Guilty pleasure: Sweets!!

The rules are:

1. Link back to the person who passed you the award!
2. Share 7 random things about yourself!
3. Award 15 blogs. 

4. Drop them a line and tell them about it!

Here are my 7 random things:

– I am in LOVE with cosmetics from different countries.  Obsessed, even.
  – Blogging, in general, makes me happy.

– When I was a kid, I wanted to be a writer.  I am a decent drawer and I always wanted to write/illustrate a children’s book.

– I can NOT leave the house without wearing mascara.  I don’t have to have anything else on, but I must have mascara.
  – I LOVE having breakfast for dinner.

– My husband and son are my world.  If it weren’t for them, I would be lost.

– I have lived in 8 different houses in the last 10 years.  

Blogs I am awarding all 3 awards to are:

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  • ashley.lightblue

    Congratulations! You deserve it!!!

  • Deia

    Haha. I’m so glad you accepted this challenge. You truly deserve these awards, really.
    P.S. I’m uploading my blog right now, posting everything I wrote in english too so everybody can enjoy it. :D
    P.S. If you’re so obsessed with international cosmetics, what would you think about a swap? :D

  • PerilouslyPale

    Congratulations!! Thank you so much!!

  • LauraJean396

    Thanks ladies! :D @Deia I will get back to you on that swap! :D I definitely want to!

  • Deia

    looking forward to that :D :*

  • ArtDonatella

    Oh wow! That’s a lovely surprise, thanks so much!!!! Congrats to you lovie, well deserved! Hugs and kisses and thank again!

    PS – I was thinking about illustrating a children’s book as well, how weird is that? Good luck in everything that you put your mind to! xx

  • Amanda

    Laura Jean you are the sweetest!! Thank you and congrats to you too!

    I want to see more pictures of Gus!! Oh and breakfast for dinner is the best. yummm

  • LauraJean396

    :D Thanks girly girl! You deserve it! I should take more Gussy pics! He would fit in on my blog easily. He is a taupe color! haha

  • Nat

    Congratulations and thank you for passing it on! :) Would really love to see some pics of Gus too x

  • Jeeya (De Frozen)

    congratulations girls . . you really deserve it ..

  • Jayme and Mendi

    Congrats!! Thanks for following us!
    So cool that you are from around the Richmond area!

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  • Jennifer@TheFeminineDomain

    Congrats…I love your blog!

  • LauraJean396

    Yay! Thanks everyone! :) You are all awesome!

  • makeup merriment

    Hello! First biggest congrats on the awards and thanks so much for mentioning me. I will get to the post probably this next weekend -xx

  • PB and J apparel

    C O N G R A T S!
    on the awards thanks for following me!!!
    i’m following you back and subbed you on youtube woo hoo!

  • CookingChinchillas

    Hi Hun!
    Thank you so much for the award doll!
    I have previously received this award,but I feel super honored <3
    Have a great day my dear!!

  • laitae

    Congrats! I really like your blog. When I was little I wanted to be a writer too, so after many years I studied something that would help me to achieve my childhood dream. And now I work with children on Sarurdays:) x