May 2011 Favorites

Hi everyone! I have dove head first into a new venture… … … …
OMG! I can’t even believe it myself.  I am so amateur that it is actually very amusing to watch myself back.  I can’t be too nit-picky but I have constant bitchface going on.  My husband even asked me why I looked so mad! Oh well.. ON WITH THE VIDEO!  
Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Glow Pads
Lioele Triple the Solution
Origins Starting Over (Oil Free)
Sleek Storm palette
NARS Douceur
Maybelline One by One
Sue Devitt Eye Intensifyer in Chaing Mai
Burberry Britt Sheer
Anyway, please be kind.  I know the video is not that great, but it is my first one ever!  
Hope you enjoy!

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  • Steph

    No, I don’t see any kind of bitchface! You look gorgeous! Much better than I could ever do on video. ;)
    Douceur looks gorgeous.

  • LauraJean396

    Thank you! haha I bet you would do JUST FINE in a YouTube video! I was so nervous and of course everything has to happen while I am filming… My husband came home from work and is talking to me through the walls (didn’t know I was filming) and my kid comes in the room asking me questions and my dog wants to see who I am talking to.. haha It was funny! That is why I had to film it twice and why its so choppy! :D

  • JayBee

    Awww no it was great I love videos and hopefully in a couple of months I can brave it like you did! Very well done!! Definitely put some more up!

    Also what is the maximum amount of time for a youtube video? As I know partners of youtube get more but then I think for everyone else it is different?

    Congratulations on your first video.
    Love Jules (New to Blogging)