Tarte LipSurgence Lip Gloss Review and Swatches

Tarte LipSurgence Lip Gloss Swatches

I am a lip gloss fanatic.  I tend to wear lip gloss much more often than a do lipstick because of the ease of application.  I am loving that Tarte Cosmetics has added to the LipSurgence line with Lip Gloss.  Tarte coordinated all of the shades with their cheek stains and blushes (as well as other lip products).  They even have one that has special packaging to match their Park Avenue Princess bronzer.  The Tarte LipSurgence Lip Gloss line has all the beautiful color of a lip tint with plumping power!  It also contains some amazing ingredients like vitamin E, jojoba seed oil and flower extract to moisturize dry lips and smooth fine lines.  

Tarte LipSurgence Lip Gloss… 

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Frugal Fashionista: Accessories

Frugal Fashionista Accessories

Hello!  I was just looking through one of my favorite websites, Forever21.com, and I saw a ton of fashionable items that are extremely affordable.  I think everything I linked in this post is under $5 except the sunglasses,which are still under $6.  This is my guide for the Frugal Fashionista!  I know that I love saving pennies so I am guessing you do too!

{sensational sunnies}  Nothing is more important than adorable sunglasses in the warmer months.  I love having a tortoiseshell option as well as a wire-frame option.  These heart ones are amazing!

{bottom-price brushes}  Brushes are so important.  I have found great ones that are at every price point.  This set is under $5 and  are a fabulous starter set!

{magnificent makeup bag}  I always have a cute makeup bag in my purse and I love this pink and white striped option!

{cute coin purse}  Another thing I always have in my bag is a coin purse.  I love that this one looks designer and can be bought with the change it is created to hold!

{lovely lash-curler}  Lash curlers can really enhance the over all look of your eyes.  When your lashes look flirty your entire face comes to life!

{jaw-dropping jewels}  Rings and earrings are somewhat of a weakness of mine.  I love an awesome pair of studs and this knotted set has you covered with three different metal finishes.  Coral flowers are just too darn perfect for the girly-girls.  Who doesn’t like stackable rings?

{beautiful bun cover}  The last thing on my list is near and dear to my heart.  On a daily basis I have a bun in my hair.  I can’t help it, I love them.  They are quick and easy and I have been looking for ways to dress them up!  This floral bun cover is perfect.

Keep these fabulous finds in mind when you are updating your wardrobe this summer!

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Ciate London Paint Pots Nail Polish in Antique Brooch

Ciate Antique Brooch

Ciate London is quickly becoming my favorite nail brand.  Everything I have tried has been interesting, pretty, and they make it so easy to achieve the look.  They nail polish bottles are cute too, they have a long pretty handle and a cute little bow.  The glitter polish I am showing you today is called Antique Brooch.  It is a fitting name because when you look at it in detail it really looks vintage and like it is something quite special.


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eos Lip Balm

eos lip balm

Hello there!  I had to show you this adorable LIMITED EDITION eos Lip balm set before Easter officially arrived.  In case you aren’t familiar with these egg-shaped lip balms, they are pretty great.  eos stands for Evolution Of Smooth and they make lip balms, shave creams and lotions.  I have had the shave cream before and LOVED IT, by the way…  Anyway, I think you should TOTALLY pick up this set to put in the Easter basket you are in charge of this weekend!


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The First Years Gripper Sipper

The First years gripper sipper

My daughter is 11 months old today.  I have been trying to transition her into a sippy cup for a while now.  I have been through a few different kinds with no luck.  I kept thinking that maybe she just wasn’t ready for a sipper yet and then I found The First Years Gripper Sipper.  She loves it because it is simple and easy to use and I love it because it is super easy to clean!


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BBC May Day Giveaway

Happy Spring, everyone!  The wonderful ladies from the BBC have another FANTASTIC giveaway for you!  I wish that I could enter myself because the prizes are amazing!  And HELLO!  THREE WINNERS!  I love when there is availability for more than 1 person to win!

Spring BBC Giveaway

Myself and the other ladies from the BBC that are participating pitched in and came up with enough cash to be able to give away a $500 gift card, a $250 gift card, and a $130 gift card!  Not too shabby, right?  All of the ways to enter are in the widget!  Have fun and happy entering!  The winner will be drawn on May Day, hence the name!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Clean Shaven with Gillette Fusion Proglide

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Gilette Fusion Proglide

Today I am going to switch gears for a minute to talk about men’s skincare.  There is something about a freshly clean shaven man.  I love the scent of the shaving gel and aftershave, the baby soft skin left behind, everything!  My husband, Mike, is actually in the military and being clean shaven is a way of life for him.  He has used several different razors from all sorts of brands in his 15 years in the Navy and has always gravitated towards the Gillette brand.  I recently picked up the Gillette Fusion Proglide razor and 12 Refill Cartridges for him and he actually said that it felt smooth on his skin.  I will get into more on that in a bit, I want to tell you why a clean shave is important to him!

Navy Helo

I said before, my husband has been in the Navy for 15 years now.  He made Chief (E7) a couple years ago and it is very important for someone in that position to set an example for all others.  He is driven and his drive got him to where he is today, and there is no stopping him.  One of the quirkily things about him is that he is a stickler for dress code and expects all of the people that work for him uphold the appearance of the military.  That means clean cut, clean shaven, and squared-away.

It doesn’t matter if my husband is scaling walls or standing at attention, he demands that himself and his subordinates look professional.  I know you have heard the term “If you look good, you feel good.”  If you feel good it emanates from you!  When you look and feel good a confidence has been stirred from within and all of the sudden anything is possible!  That is why he uses Gillette.

Gillette Mike Military uniforms

The Gillette Fusion Proglide is actually a razor that has five ultra-thin blades.  The new thinner blade design allows for no tugging and pulling at the skin when it is gliding through the hair; thinner blades also allow the hair that is shaven away to leave the razor easily without clogging.  The razor also has a MicroComb that actually guides stubble to the blades.

Gillette Fusion Proglide Closeup

Right now the Gillette Fusion Proglide razor is on sale at Walmart for $5 and the 12 Cartridge Refills are just $44.97!  Did you hear me correctly?  That is less than $3.75 per refill!  If you compare that to the price per refill in the 4 pack you are saving 75 cents per cartridge!  That is saving $9.00 overall on 12!  I love a deal and I know you do too!  The deal was so good on the razors that I actually picked up the LAST ONE on my store’s shelf and there were only 2 of the 12 Cartridge Refill packs so I left only one behind.  People know a good deal when they see it!  Run out and get your (or your significant other’s) Gillette Fusion Proglide as soon as possible!

Gillette Fusion Proglide in store photo

My husband said that the Gillette Fusion Proglide felt good when he used this blade to shave.  He said it was comfortable, easy to maneuver, and it actually provided such a close shave that he had to make less passes with the razor so it cut his shaving time down.  After some begging be finally agreed to allow me to film/photograph him shaving.  He isn’t the kind of person that would ever let me get him on the internet (he doesn’t even have a Facebook account) so I thank him greatly for his demo!  :)

Gillette Fusion Proglide Shave

We know my husband loves a clean shaven face for lots of reasons but what about me?  Speaking of a clean shaven face from a personal perspective, I automatically think of a man in uniform and I know that is because of my husband.  I think that a smooth, soft face is sexy.  Clean shaven to me says dignified, powerful, smart, strong, professional, focused…  I want all of that, I have all of that!  Thanks Gillette for making such great products time after time!

Do you want your man to have a clean shaven face?  Tell me your opinions in the comments below!

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Beauty Box 5 April 2014: Shades of Beauty

Beauty Box 5 April 2014

I always look forward to seeing subscription boxes hit my doorstep.  One of my favorites arrived recently.  Beauty Box 5 April 2014 was really exciting for me!  As soon as I opened it up I saw 4 things straight away that really caught my eye!  The theme of this box is “Shades of Beauty” and they say they know that we are busy but our beauty routines don’t have to move at breakneck speed.  They focused on looks that call for a little leisurely layering so we can enjoy mornings and take more time for ourselves.  “Rome wasn’t built in a day and a breezy spring look is totally worth an extra minute or two.”

If you aren’t familiar with Beauty Box 5 they are a subscription box that delivers 5 products every month.   You can get the membership and pay for it in a few different ways: monthly for $12, quarterly for $30, and yearly for $99.  Anyway, this The only box is special because it is their anniversary/birthday box.  Let’s see what is in it!

Beauty Box 5 card insert

The sample product in the Beauty Box 5 April 2014 was the Jergens Natural Glow 3 Days To Glow moisturizer.  I have used Jergens Natural Glow for years now and I think that it is fabulous.  Back when I used to lay in the tanning bed I would use this additionally because it always left me looking super brown.  I never got those ugly orange tones.  Also, since I quit laying in the tanning bed this product becomes even more important for me.  My legs have trouble tanning so this is a staple product for me!  Full size is $9.99.

Beauty Box 5 Jergens natural glow

Something I was surprised and happy to see were the Blum Naturals All Purpose Cleansing Wipes ($2.49). They are infused with aloe vera and perfect for removing eye makeup or fixing minor mistakes.  They are also hypo-allergenic, paraben-free, and not tested on animals.  I know that the majority of my readers are (a) moms and/or (b) students of either college or high school.  Those that fit into that category will ABSOLUTELY understand how nice it is to get wipes in a travel friendly container.  We are always on the go and travel-friendly ANYTHING is welcomed.  I love having wipes in my handbag, in my glove compartment, in my kitchen drawer, everywhere really!

blum all purpose cleansing wipes

Bonne Bell is a brand that I fell in love with in middle school and never quit using.  Their lip glosses are particularly my favorite.  In the Beauty Box 5 April 2014 there was a Lip Definer ($3.95) included in the shade Boysenberry.  It is a beautiful berry shade and I think it will pair perfectly with many different shades of lipstick!  It does a great job of preventing feathering and makes for a beautifully bold lip if you fill in your entire lip and top it off with a clear gloss.

Bonne Bell Lip Definer in Boysenberry

This lipstick from Nicka K is really nice.  It is the Hydra Lipstick ($4.99) formula and the shade is Concerto.  It is a paraben-free, lightweight, super-pigmented lipstick that provides super hydration and full-bodied color!  I wore this today to a cookout with friends.  We were at their house for 4 hours and when I got in my husband’s truck to go home I looked in the mirror and my lipstick was still there.  I ate, drank, chit-chatted and it lasted through it.  Granted, I did use it with the lip liner from this box, but wow!

Nicka K Hydra Lipstick

The thing I was most excited about seeing included in the box was probably the biggest let down.  It is technically a sample but I would consider it a small eyeshadow palette.  BH Cosmetics released 3 palettes recently: Hollywood, San Francisco, and Malibu.  There is one shade from each of the palettes in this mini palette: a purple, copper, and gold.  The only one that wasn’t a disappointment was the gold from the Malibu palette.

BH Cosmetics sample shadows

The purple looks super bold/dark in the pan but lacks pigmentation completely.  The Copper is just okay.  The Gold is BEAUTIFUL!  It is a yellow toned gold and its the only one that has good texture.  I dipped my fingertips into each of the shades and the first two felt hard and plasticy and the Malibu shade was similar to a Wet N Wild or Urban Decay shade.

BH Cosmetics swatches

Here are the swatches of all of the items from the box.  The first 3 are the eyeshadow palette, then the lipstick and then the lipliner.

Beauty Box 5 swatches

I put together a look using the shades from this palette.  I like the entire look turned out.  All the shades worked with each other REALLY well.  The eye look was stressful to put together.  I had to apply layer after layer of the copper and purple shade.  The gold was amazing though.  My skin tone wouldn’t allow for just a wash of gold though, so grrr…  As you can see the Bonne Bell Boysenberry lip liner and the Nicka K Concerto lipstick really paired well together even though they weren’t similar in color.

Beauty Box 5 makeup look

A closer look at the eye shadows and you can see that the gold is really vibrant and the other two are not.  The color of the purple is just really different in real life than it is in the pan.  The copper shade had to be built up a LOT to resemble itself at all.  I guess it would make a good crease blend color.  Overall I am happy with the look I got from the three eyeshadows.

Beauty Box 5 eye lookBeauty Box 5 April 2014 was a hit for me.  I love getting actual makeup in my boxes and this one was packed full!  I am also really happy that I got wipes to throw in my diaper bag or hand bag (I switch them out depending on what I am set out to do for the day).  You should definitely check out the box for yourself.  I look forward to it month after month!

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LUSH Ocean Salt

LUSH Ocean Salt

One of the first products I ever tried from LUSH is the Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub.  They describe it as “a vodka infused cocktail for bright and fresh skin”.  To me it feels and smells like a margarita for the skin.  It smells SOOOO GOOD!  Anyway, I recently repurchased it whilst getting ready for a new summer skincare routine.  Time to get rid of the tired, old skin and uncover the beautiful, fresh skin underneath!


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Cate and Chloe VIP Membership

Cate and Chloe

I love a little bling.  New jewelry always makes me giddy.  Cate and Chloe has a new VIP Membership that is really fun!  It is basically a subscription box but with a twist.  It runs $39.99 a month and what that gets you is a new piece of jewelry sent to your door every 15 days.  You heard it right, not once a month!  Twice a month!  Within those two shipments a month you are guaranteed to get at least $2oo worth of designer pieces!


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